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Cannagars, also known as cannabis cigars, are made of 100% high-quality cannabis. With these cigars, there is no paper or tobacco products roughing up your smoke. The premium cannabis leaf is actually wrapped right around your goods. The finest weed is provided within cannagars from a premium Denver dispensary such as Diego Pellicer Colorado.

A cannabis cigar or cannagar is one of the richest and most exotic ways to consume cannabis. They combine rare ingredients with a complicated construction that comes together into perfection. Similar to that of moon rocks, made with hash oil, nugs and kief, cannabis is constructed similar, just with double the potency.

The ingredients of cannagars is tightly sealed and wrapped, offering a smooth smoke experience. These potent ingredients from a Denver dispensary such as Diego Pellicer also are safe. A cannagar offers the smoothest cannabis smoke of your life as a bonus. Talk about a win-win!  

Many enjoy the fact that cannagars burn for a long time. This smooth and classy smoking experience makes cannagars a must-have for smoking enthusiasts in Colorado.

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How are cannagars made?

A Denver dispensary can offer world-class cannabis cigars that are only of the utmost of quality. We only use the best materials to create a distinct flavor, smell and effect. The least blemished leaves are selected to wrap the cannabis in and set to cure before the wrapping process.  Next, the high-quality flowers are formed into a core and coated with a solvent-free rosin. This combination helps to bring out the flavors of the strain of cannabis used in the cannagar.

Next in the cannabis cigar creation process involves the leaves being meticulously wrapped around the core and set to cure for at least a month. Ultimately, this is how they stay so tightly wrapped and offer a slow, smooth smoke when they’re lit and enjoyed.

How Cannabis Cigars Started

After harvest time is done and there’s leftover buds and fan leaves, Denver dispensaries such as Diego Pellicer wondered what to do with all of the leftovers. The result, the creation of premium cannabis cigars or cannagars. Also known as Thai Sticks, these cigars are perfect for those with little patience for rolling. They offer hardcore smoke sessions. These cannagars are some of the most potent in existence in the world.

Originating in the 1970s and 1980s in Thailand, they were made of the binding of Thai cannabis buds to bamboo skewers and then dipping them in opium. The fan leaves were used to seal it altogether. Thai sticks originally came to the States from sailors who wanted to share these treats with loved ones back home. The flavor and potency caught on and the large-scale importance of these cannagars occurred almost immediately. At this time, very little cannabis was grown locally due to its illegal status and the space and time that is needed in order to have a successful grow. Almost all of America’s cannabis was imported from other countries at this time.

While modern Thai sticks don’t contain opium, they are still very potent as they use cannabis concentrates in order to seal fan leaves in place tightly. While modern cannagars are different than traditional Thai sticks, they still pack a punch. The creation process takes a lot of times, often a month or more, however the wait is well worth it for cannabis enthusiasts.

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How to Make cannagars

Though the original Thai stick was made out of Thai cannabis strainers, your cannabis cigar can be made out of any potent strain here in the United States that you can purchase from a Denver dispensary such as Diego Pellicer. Also, there are a lot of ways to make a cannabis cigar. This is just the most popular and proven successful method to roll one. Whether you want to purchase cannagars from a dispensary or you want to create your own, finding high-quality materials to put in your cigar is the most important aspect to their enjoyment.

To make your own cannabis cigar, you will need patience and the following supplies:

  • Fresh or lightly-cured cannabis buds (purchased from Diego Pellicer, a premium Colorado dispensary)
  • Skewer made out of hemp or bamboo
  • Binding chord such as twine
  • Cannabis oil (purchased from Diego Pellicer too)
  • Fresh fan leaves from a cannabis plant

Start by removing all excess stems, trying to keep the buds intact. From there, press the buds firmly around the skewer. Make sure you’re packing tightly to help maintain their shape, which ultimately gives shape to the cannagar itself. However, don’t pack so tight as it impedes the burn. Once the skewer is removed later, the hole that is left behind allows airflow in order to smoke the cannabis cigar smoothly.

After you shape your buds around the skewer, use the binding material you chose to bind the buds. It is then removed prior to consumption; its job is to simply hold the bud firmly in place. Wrap the cigar in parchment paper and store it in the refrigerator in order for it to harden for a few days.

Denver Dispensary Diego PellicerAfter up to a week of storage, remove the sticks and binding material of your cannagars. The buds should remain in place securely. Next, wrap the sticks in fan leaves (instead of rolling papers or blunt wraps). This will turn this into a cannagar.  The cannabis oil is used as glue and the leaves as papers, so it’s important to coat the leaves evenly with oil. A tip is to use a lighter as it can help melt it so it can spread easier. Keep repeating the wrapping process until it is fully wrapped. Lastly, rewrap it with twine. Store it in an air-tight place for a few more days and repeat this process a few more times. After the last wrap, leave your cigar to cure for a few more weeks before you attempt to light it up.

Ultimately, the proper wrapping will determine the smooth smoking experience. It is a long process, but the experience of smoking cannagars is unlike none other. cannagars are not meant for daily consumption. Something of this high-quality from a Denver dispensary such as Diego Pellicer is for special occasions with many smokers. This is because cannagars are dense and they burn slowly making each puff extremely potent.

The Future of Cannagars

The cannabis industry is churning out premium cannagars for classy consumers wanting a different type of smoking experience. Because they are made of only the best and most potent cannabis buds and extracts, they are an original premium cannabis product that can be enjoyed by different types of smokers. This is what has made them so popular. Diego Pellicer is a premium Denver dispensary offering a refined marijuana experience in the Denver metro area. We are more than just a recreational or medical pot shop in Colorado. Our cannagars offer a beautifully sweet and fragrant taste with hints of richness as an added bonus.

At Diego Pellicer, we offer only the world’s most premium marijuana all of which helps to shape moments into long-lasting memories. Our dispensary is where responsible connoisseurs and sommeliers gather in order to explore the enjoyable and rewarding world of premium marijuana and its products. We offer competitive pricing in a classy and luxurious environment in Denver, Colorado. Ultimately, the Diego Pellicer standard allows us to provide high-quality premium marijuana products at great prices. We offer concierge-level service with only the best quality cannabis around town. We are committing to building meaningful relationships between growers and connoisseurs in the local area.

You choose how to consume your cannabis, whether pre-rolled, concentrates, topicals, all-natural or cCannagars. We have it all! Our amazing pre-rolled cannagars are made with a patent-pending rolling process that offers a perfect smoke experience. If you’re looking for a cannagar Denver dispensary, come see Diego Pellicer! The luxury cannabis industry offers a unique experience that you customize yourself with the products you enjoy most.

Why cannagars are the Future of Cannabis

Not only do they promote convenience, but a smooth smoke each and every time. They offer high-quality, potent marijuana. Each time you purchase cannagars, you can guarantee the cigar was perfectly rolled, dried out and made of only the most-premium cannabis product. At Diego Pellicer, a Denver dispensary, we are committed to our customers and their trust in our process and products. We pride ourselves on being a premium cannabis dispensary that is trusted in the Denver metro area. In order to learn more about our products and to enjoy a refined cannabis experience, visit our Denver location.