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With about 160 licenses issued and over 50 Denver weed shops since the government legalized it on the first of January 2014, the number of people who use and sell weed in Colorado is increasing by the day. For a newcomer or someone just trying out the wonders of recreational weed, it can be a bit overwhelming to be introduced into this world. 

A vast number of strains, an ever-increasing number of innovations and too many options of where to buy can be terrifying. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. In this article, we provide you with a list of the most important things to know before entering into the weed scene in Colorado. 

The Home of Different Innovations

There are things that you will find in recreational dispensaries in Denver, Colorado that you never have and might never find anywhere else. These innovations are weed pens, live resin, weed lubes, waxes and so on. Some of them work for different purposes or specific weed strains.

You might feel a bit awkward asking for the use and delivering potency of some of these things, especially if you aren’t new to smoking. It would be better to avoid misusing something that might have adverse effects on you. 

Know What Strain You Want

There are so many kinds of strains of weed available in recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver that you might get too lost in the sea of choices. The most important thing to note about strains is that every kind of weed is classified into two; There’s the Sativa strain that delivers more mind-high, and there’s the Indica strain that delivers more body-high.

Some private growers also have signature strains that are unique to them and can’t be found anywhere else. Therefore, to get the best Colorado dispensary, you should be sure of the exact kind of high you want, get the ideal strain for it and take the right dose.

Know the Amount You Can Take

This is where the choice of getting a smokable or an edible comes in. Edibles usually have the measurements of the THC present on the packaging. However, getting a smokeable requires a bit of experience except the ones that are pre-wrapped. It is advisable to get the smallest unit of any strains that interest you at first. Usually, that would be a gram. This is so that you can test the strain to see if you like it.

There are also words like ‘trims’ and ‘shakes’ that you would hear a lot, and you need to know what they mean. Trims are leaves trimmed from flowers and are usually used for edibles, while shakes are the flowers’ powdered forms.

There are other essential aspects, including where to find Colorado’s best weed dispensaries near Denver, such as websites like ours for a navigation guide to where you can get weed as none of the dispensaries are listed on the city’s website. You can get a copy of Denver’s Westword newspaper for the current and latest news in their weed scene.

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