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The Exotic List

A complete list of our exotic strain offerings, hand-picked from the best growers in Colorado. Visit the pre-order menu for pricing and availability. 

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Updated 4/30/21

Cheetah Piss

Lemon Pepper

Strawnana (Craft Exotic)
Cherry Pie Kush (Craft Exotic)

Orange Peel

Super Lemon Haze

Wedding Cake (Craft Exotic)

Oreoz (Craft Exotic)

Don Shula OG (Craft Exotic)

Fuel Biscuits (Craft Exotic)

Super Lemon Sherbet (Craft Exotic)

Gas (Craft Exotic)

Super Lemon MAC (Exclusive to Diego Pellicer) (Craft Exotic)

Blue Hash Plant (Craft Exotic)

Grease Monkey (Craft Exotic)

Tiramisu Cookies (Craft Exotic)
GMO (Craft Exotic)

Rain Pop (Craft Exotic)

Key Lime Mintz

Cuban Crew

Ice Cream Cake


Gpsone (Craft Exotic)

Pina Grande #14 (Craft Exotic)

Pina Grande #50 (Craft Exotic)

London Pound Mintz ( Craft Exotic)

Sun Cake (Craft Exotic)

Talent Scout (Craft Exotic)

Watermelon Zkittles (Craft Exotic)

Animal Mints

Garlic Breath

Confucius Kush

Member Berry

Mandarin Cookie

Cannabis Flower