Featured Vendor: Sweet Grass Kitchen

In order to constantly elevate your cannabis experience, Diego Pellicer offers featured vendors, and Sweet Grass Kitchen is one for the month of May. First started in 2009, Julie Berliner and a chocolate chip cookie recipe embarked on a journey to start a cannabis bakery. Today, Sweet Grass Kitchen offers a variety of distillate-infused edibles and cannabutter to many Colorado dispensaries including Diego Pellicer.

The sweet grass kitchen vendor display at deigo pellicer a denver dispensary

In 2013, the company started an in-house cultivation in order to make sure that the products are grown, tested and baked to only the highest standards. We use only the flower of the plant in all of our high-quality edible products. Ultimately what makes our freshly-baked goods so delicious is their not-so-secret ingredient: our slow-simmered triple-strained, full-flower cannabutter. Another popular edible item is their fruit snacks infused with a 5 mg dose. They come in all-natural berry flavors and utilize a pure THC distillate with non-gluten ingredients.

About Cannabutter

Sweet Grass Kitchen's Cannabutter, a cannabis-infused baking ingredient sold at Diego Pellicer, a denver dispensaryBoth potency and consistency have been important to Sweet Grass Kitchen, which is why we infuse our gummies with pure THC distillate only. During our short path distillation process, all unwanted compounds are removed which ensures a consistent and highly-potent product that allows for the delicious and natural flavor.

When edibles are ingested, the cannabis is processed through the liver where the THC is metabolized, making the therapeutic effects more powerful and longer-lasting than traditional smoking. The cannabinoids absorb into body fat and are later released into the blood. They take 45 minutes to two hours to take effect depending on a variety of factors.

cbd-infused chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Grass Kitchen, available at Diego Pellicer, a Denver DispensaryEach Sweet Grass Kitchen products contained either 2.5, 5 or 10 mg of activated THC. All of these edibles are listed with both a Sell by or Freeze by date. All edibles can be stored either in room temperature or in the freezer. We at Diego Pellicer offer a variety of high-quality edible products for you to choose from. They use only the best materials so you can be ensured that your experience will always be premier. Come in to Diego Pellicer and try one for yourself!