How to Choose an Edible

How to Choose an Edible

Ultimately, the world of marijuana edibles is full of endless possibilities. These THC-infused food products come in any shape or form, whether chocolate, gummies or baked goods.


There are four different categories of edibles including pure CBD, hybrid (a mix of Indica and sativa), Indica-only and sativa-only. For those new to cannabis-infused foods, it’s easy to eat too much. When it comes to trying edibles for the first time, the focus shouldn’t be on the type of edible, it’s the type of high or relief you’re looking for. Edibles are known as a marathon and not a sprint. Always take them in a safe place.

This guide hopes to educate you on the types of edibles available, how to determine a dose and other FAQs you may have about marijuana edibles to offer you the best experience. Here we go!

Why are edibles so great?

Edibles are a great choice as they are body-focused, they’re potent and they don’t require any smoke. This is especially great for those who suffer from nausea or pain.

Understanding the Difference Between Indica and Sativa

These are two primary strains of cannabis. Sativa is a more functional, uplifting and energetic high. This is a head high, where people feel more creative and silly. In the couch is the term used to describe Indica as it is more of a relaxed and sedated high, a body high per say. Another option is CBD, which is popular as it provides medical benefits to a variety of medical illnesses and conditions. It will help these individuals to feel better but won’t get them high.

How do I determine the proper dose?

10 mg is considered a single serving for an adult. For someone who has never had an edible before, start with less. 5 mg is a reasonable first-time starting dose. Once that 5 mg kicks in, you can determine whether or not you want to consume more. It’s advisable to wait an hour or an hour and half before taking any more. An edible high lasts longer than an inhaled high, so it won’t just wear off quickly.


It’s important to understand the number of milligrams of THC in the edible you’re purchasing and whether or not it is cut into pieces or if you can eat the entire thing. Tracking your high will help you to reach a more consistent high later on as you continue trying different premium marijuana edibles from our Denver dispensary.

How are edibles processed in the body?

Cannabis metabolizes two different ways. With edibles, it metabolizes through the liver while all other ways of consuming marijuana occur within the bloodstream leading to a high felt in minutes. However, with liver processing that takes time. Timing is going to be longer than just about any other medication that you may take. Most people say it takes an hour to take effect. Some people have slower livers. Also, if someone eats them on a full or empty stomach may affect how fast they take effect too. For instance, if you have a somewhat full stomach, it may absorb faster with some food with it. However, if you take it with a large meal, the process may be slowed. You may need to experiment on your own to determine the best way for you to take it and to enjoy your marijuana edible.

How long do Cannabis edibles take to kick in?

When you smoke or vape cannabis, the effects are almost instantly. This is because you can tell how much you have consumed and can decide when you’ve had too much. When you eat activated cannabis with edibles, it is absorbed differently so that each body metabolizes it at a different rate. After eating a marijuana edible, your body has to digest and metabolize the food before you feel any effect. The amount of time that it takes for the effects of an edible to kick in will depend on your particular metabolism. People will faster metabolism will feel it after a short period of time (hour or less) however others with slower metabolisms may not feel it for two hours or more.

How long does the effects of an Edible last?

Metabolizing cannabis through edibles allows the effects to be much stronger. They are usually made of highly-concentrated cannabis, whether hash oil, infused oil or cannabis, infused butter. This means that it’s easy to overdo it. Between the time it takes for it to kick in and the highly concentrated levels of THC found in edibles, finding the right dose may be hard. Much like the dosage differences between people, how long the effects of an edible last will vary person to person too. This is something you will learn as you experiment with dosing for yourself.

What should you look for on Edible labels?

At Diego Pellicer, we ensure that our premium marijuana products offer both consistence and quality. We find brands that provide these consistent results each time they are used.


Reading the label helps you to figure out the correct portion size for the dose that works best for you. Clearly-labeled packaging is important to use to ensure optimal safety for our Denver customers.

What happens if I take too much of an edible?

Unlike if you get too drunk and try to eat to feel better, you may send your body into overdrive. It’s best to just hang out and allow it to wear off. Drink a lot of water and don’t drink alcohol at all as it will make you feel worse. It’s important to know that there is no real danger and there is no toxicity to your orangs, so there’s no need to go to the emergency room.

How do Cannabis edibles remain in your system?

There are three different types of cannabis edibles and that determines where they remain in your body. The first gastrointestinal, is usually brownies, cookies, rice crispy treats and other sweet edibles. These types usually absorb into your body once they reach the digestive tract and it takes 45 to 90 minutes to feel the first effects. Oral edibles such as lozenges are absorbed through the tissues of the mouth and under the tongue and can be felt as little as just 15 minutes. Hybrids are drinks, which are absorbed orally and through the gastrointestinal tract. They give an almost near-immediate effect and are felt over the next couple of hours in a time release effect.

How long do Marijuana Edibles stay in your system?

Small amounts of THC will remain detectable in the body for about a month. For frequent use, detectable amounts may stay in the body’s tissues for up to three months. Marijuana stays in the blood for about 24 hours and one to seven days in the urine. Ultimately, the answer is not cut and dry as many variables come into play. Hair follicle tests will detect usage for five to seven days.

When it comes to marijuana edibles from Diego Pellicer, it’s important to take it slow and to learn as much as possible about the types and strains to create the most memorable and enjoyable high. With the help of our professional team, we can help you to choose between types of edibles and answer your questions about their usage. To learn more, visit our Denver, Colorado location at 2949 West Alameda Avenue.