Featured Vendors: Green Hornet Cheeba Chews

Featured Vendors: Green Hornet Cheeba Chews Created in 2009, Cheeba Chews were created by Green Hornet to expand its reach to dispensary locations in medical marijuana states. Cheeba Chews comes [...]

How to Choose an Edible

How to Choose an Edible Ultimately, the world of marijuana edibles is full of endless possibilities. These THC-infused food products come in any shape or form, whether chocolate, gummies or baked [...]

Featured Vendors: Ascend Cannabis Products

Featured Vendors: Ascend Cannabis Products Ascend Cannabis offers a variety of vape experiences for assorted customers. Their vape profiles are all all-natural, potent and most importantly, [...]

Blue Kudu

Blue Kudu is a unique cannabis company in Denver On the front lines, we hear that the products are top notch and of the highest quality.  Easy to manage dosage and the high is smooth and very [...]

Fast Acting edibles are here!

The Fast acting edibles are available at Diego Pellicer! The days of waiting hours before feeling the effects of cannabis edibles are finally behind us!  Rejoice for science has taken to the [...]

efs: People keep leaving financial services for the legalized cannabis industry

Our CEO Neil Demers was featured in a profile on eFinancialServices. Here’s an excerpt: Neil Demers, a former client services executive at OppenheimerFunds, quit his job after the increase [...]

Diego Pellicer on Las Vegas Recreational Market: It Takes Time

“In the first weeks of recreational sales in Colorado in 2014, dispensaries watched their shelves empty and marijuana prices skyrocketed as vendors failed to keep up with consumer [...]

Diego Pellicer Talks to FHM about Growing Cannabis at Home

Although marijuana isn’t 100 percent legal in every state, it has become less and less judged, with people from doctors to lawyers to everyone in-between unafraid about smoking it every [...]

Federal Medical Marijuana Protections Extended Through September 2017

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prevents the U.S. Department of Justice from spending funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws, was included in the budget resolution that was [...]

USNews: How to Invest in Marijuana Today

By the time it’s feasible to invest in cannabis on that level, the act of calling up a broker may not even be a thing anymore. Still, it’s worth surveying Wall Street for what, if [...]